About R&F

For those of you who don’t yet know us, we are a small company that manufactures high quality artist paints. Currently we make two types of paint.  R&F Encaustic Paint is our version of the classic wax based paint that has been used since ancient times. A few centuries newer to the artist repertoire are R&F Pigment Sticks, our high quality Oil Stick.

What started out as one man alone in the basement making paint has expanded quite a bit. Our entire staff is made up of painters because we feel that the making of traditional handmade paint is best understood by the people who are artists themselves.

 Since our paints and the techniques required to use them are not that well known we have had to (promote/educate/introduce) them to the artist population. We have developed an ever expanding workshop and demonstration program to bring this information to the public.

 Making these paints widely available and introducing them to more and more artists have caused (an increase in there usage). To document this growth we have a small gallery that specializes in encaustic and oil stick work, we sponsor an international biennial Encaustic show, and we have put together an extensive slide library of encaustic and oil stick work.

 All this knowledge we have gathered over the years has made us a resource for information. We give technical advice to artists, conservators, and museums around the country. Feel free to e-mail or call us. We are always happy to discuss materials and techniques or to arrange for workshops and lectures.

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